Investor Relations

Good IR work isn’t always visible. The same cannot be said of bad IR work. As head of IR, you should be a sprinter who is fast out of the starting block while simultaneously having the endurance to go the distance. You should give a relevant and accurate picture of the company in the short-term perspective. You should also reliably describe the development of the company in the long term, which requires knowledge in a wide variety of fields. At the core, it is about familiarity with accounting and stock exchange rules. But it must be based on a solid understanding of the driving forces of the financial market and the ability to communicate with stakeholders in a way that inspires trust. Your varied toolbox includes everything from press releases to packed capital market days.

You are captain of the ship. The IR specialists at H&H are happy to guide you past the pitfalls. We will give you access to the Nordic region’s biggest IR knowledge bank. We know the capital market inside and out. We know how to build good relationships with its players. We will help you develop strategies, a position, a message and activities. Regardless of the size of your company, we can design an IR suit that is tailored just for you.

Ultimately, your company’s long-term growth and survival depend on your ability to acquire the necessary capital to finance the operation. A strategic and effective IR program is the foundation for a secure future.

Products and services

  • How do I set goals and evaluate the company’s IR work?
  • IR strategy and guidance
  • How do I make optimal use of the management and board of directors’ time?
  • Message and positioning
  • Why should the market buy our shares?
  • What drives the value of the company?
  • What are my peers saying?
  • Finance and capital market
  • The driving forces of the capital market
  • Meeting analysts and investors
  • IR in a global investment universe
  • Why are my peers valued higher than my company?
  • Reporting
  • How do we best show the figures?
  • What goals and key indicators are we reporting against?
  • Presentation material and presentation technique
  • Capital market days and releasing information
  • IR Intelligence
  • Market analysis
  • Perception studies
  • What does my shareholder base really look like?
  • What shareholders do we want to have?
  • Listing requirements and training programs
  • How do we organise an IR function before the initial listing date?
  • IR for hire
  • How we gather all IR documentation before being listed
  • Listed bond and developed reporting
  • New on the job – what questions should I ask?
  • Other questions
  • What is SRI and how does it impact me?
  • Social media and IR – how do they go together?