“New perspectives on CSR” – course launched by H&H and Örebro University

From September 9th to 10th the course “New perspectives on CSR” was held in the town of Grythyttan. The course is a further development of the popular course “CSR in theory and practice” and was hosted in collaboration with Örebro University, Social Venture Network Sweden and Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.

Representatives of some of Sweden’s leading companies took part during the programme and among the guest speakers were Lena Hök, Head of Sustainability at Skandia and Lisa Emilia Svensson, Ambassador at the Ministry of the Environment. Magnus Frostenson from Örebro University, Tommy Borglund and Hans De Geer from Hallvarsson & Halvarsson provided the participants with theoretical knowledge and insights on risk- and crisis management, Shared Value and sustainability reporting.

The course lasted for two full days, including an overnight stay in Grythyttan. Therefore the participants and speakers had plenty of time to discuss and share thoughts and experiences apart from regular lectures.

If you missed out this time, you will get a new chance to participate during spring 2016. Please contact Tommy Borglund for further information on the next version of “New perspectives on CSR”.


  • Tommy Borglund, Director CSR Communications at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson
  • Hans De Geer, Professor, Senior Advisor at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and the Centre for Business History
  • Magnus Frostenson, Associate Professor and CSR-Researcher at Örebro University
  • Sven Helin, Associate Professor and Head of Department at Örebro University
  • Lena Hök, Head of Sustainability at Skandia
  • Pia Jertfelt, former Secretary General of Social Venture Network Sweden
  • Lisa Emelia Svensson, Ambassador at the Ministry of the Environment
Tommy Borglund