Åse Bäckström

Executive Director

+46 709 71 12 66

Åse is responsible for the sustainability consulting at H&H. Prior to H&H, she was Managing Director of the Global Child Forum foundation. Åse has worked for 20 years as a consultant with a focus on risk and sustainability issues in the audit industry. She is also a member of the Global Reporting Initatives (GRI) Independent Appointment Committee (IAC).

In addition to solid international experience in the field of sustainability, Åse has in-depth knowledge and experience of working with most of the sustainability challenges in the Swedish business community.

Consultant profile 

  • Sustainability Reporting and Global Reporting Initiative
  • Strategic business development with focus on sustainability
  • Goals, strategies and metrics linked to sustainability
  • Strategic sustainability communication
  • Focus on banking, finance, industry, public and the non-profit sector

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