Sustainability Affairs

It goes without saying that companies have to take care of people and nature’s resources. Easy to say, harder to live up to. Especially given the constant pressure to deliver profitable growth. How should these requirements be successfully balanced?

Courage and insight to prioritise

The world is certainly complex and ever-changing. And it can be all too easy to see stakeholders’ requirements as unending. The way forward therefore appear winding and difficult to navigate. Of course, no one is capable of doing everything. And do it straight away. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you need to be 100 per cent on target to communicate about sustainability.

Involve and engage

The starting point is to understand the expectations of the surrounding world. This is used to develop and implement realistic strategies for sustainability and CSR. It is about establishing measurable goals. Then working towards them. And finally communicating the initiatives and results. Be generous! Invite all your stakeholders to join you on the journey. Make your communication as open, clear and appealing as possible.

We can help you

H&H’s sustainability/CSR team has experience and expertise in every aspect of sustainability. If you are a Head of Sustainability or see sustainability as an important dimension of your own area, we can work together with you to build real substance packaged in an appetising way. We can help you to choose and focus on the initiatives and partnerships that make the biggest difference. Both in the short term and the long term.

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