Two senior advisors who bring unique business experience to the table

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson has attracted two top names from the Swedish business community.

Anna Grönlund

CEO, Partner

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Hallvarsson & Halvarsson has attracted two top names from the Swedish business community.

“We are very pleased to welcome Peter Torstensson and Ulf Pehrsson to Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. Peter’s strong profile in the brand area complements our brand offering with Pär Pärsson at the forefront very well. We also see that Peter’s strong anchoring in Skåne constitutes a good reinforcement for our office in Malmö, and we look forward to continuing to develop our customer relations in the Öresund region together with Peter. Ulf has unique insights and experience from the very highest level in the business world, and he has an unbeatable network at the intersection between export business and government contacts, both in Sweden and internationally. He will be a very strong addition to our work in several areas, not least Public Affairs,” says Anna Grönlund.

Peter Torstensson was part of Alfa Laval’s group management for more than 20 years, where he led the company’s successful development journey through strategic branding. Peter also has solid experience in driving internal change work in large organizations across several continents.

“I see the brand as the creative hub of business development. And for many companies, it is an untapped source of value generation, from a market, investor, and recruitment perspective,” says Peter Torstensson.

Ulf Pehrsson has been Vice President for Government Relations at Group level at Ericsson for more than twenty years. Ulf has unique experience in regulatory, tech, crisis management, trade policy, and complex export business. Ulf is genuinely rooted in export issues and, in parallel with the Senior Advisor role, continues to be, among other things, chairman of the Swedish General Foreign Trade Association and senior advisor to the Swedish ICC.

“I want to contribute to good relations between companies and public decision-makers. For me, there is nothing more important. This is what I have been working with for several decades – now it will be in a new role that I look forward to developing,” says Ulf Pehrsson.

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